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Don Quixote

For Cincinnati's Ballet's Academy Spring Production, there is a main division and a children's division. The main division performed Don Quixote, where Morgan was the Stage Manager. She was in charge of calling all light and sound cues, as she watched over the stage from the wing. During the rehearsals, she needed to pay close attention so that her cues were called on the spot, and that her paperwork tracking was accurate. For the children's division, Morgan was also the Stage Manager for that performance. She had to make sure all of the ballet dancers were set and in places before each of their dance performances, and with that she needed to ensure her paperwork was up to date and precise. 

Director of Academy: Sarah Hairston

Director of Production: Kyle Lemoi

Wardrobe Mistress: Diana Vandergriff Adams

Head Electrician: Michael Meuche

Master Carpenter: Scott Berkley

Photographer: Hiromi Platt

Sound Running:

Deck Running:

Wardrobe Running:

Top of Show Presets:

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