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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

For The Carnegie's production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Morgan was the Production Stage Manager. One big factor she had to make sure of was keeping this cast safe during each performance due to the large sized set pieces. There were also several lifts in the show, a few scenes that required stage combat, and dynamic choreography. Morgan had to keep organized and accurate paperwork due to the quick flow of the show and how fast it moved, as well. 

Director/Choreographer: Kurt Domoney

Scenic Designer: Theron Wineinger

Costume Designer: Jim Stump

Lighting Designer: Larry Csernik

Production Photographer: Mikki Schaffner

Rehearsal Calender:

Young Jehan and Frollo.jpg
Top of the World -4.jpg
Dance of the Tambourine -3.jpg
Court of Miracles.jpg
Saint Aphrodicius.jpg
Topsy Turvy.jpg
Act 2 Finale -3.jpg
Esmeralda's Death.jpg
Made of Stone -3.jpg
Dance of the Tambourine -2.jpg
Soldier Fight.jpg
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