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Otto M. Budig Academy Spring Production

For Cincinnati's Ballet's Academy Spring Production, there is a main division and a children's division. For the main division performance, Morgan was the Assistant Stage Manager where she was in charge of head counts on both sides of the stage, and she was responsible for costume tracking. For the children's division, Morgan was the Stage Manager for that performance. One thing she valued most from this experience was learning how to call a ballet show, which is quite different from calling a theatrical show with a script.

Director of Academy: Sarah Hairston

Director of Production: Kyle Lemoi

Lighting Designer: Kyle Lemoi

Wardrobe Mistress: Diana Vandergriff Adams

Head Electrician: Michael Meuche

Master Carpenter: Scott Berkley

Photographer: Hiromi Platt

     Cue Sheet:

     Head Count:

Costume Tracking:

  Sound Running:

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