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Clue: The Musical

For the Warsaw Federal Incline Theater's production of Clue: The Musical, Morgan was the Assistant Stage Manager. She was mainly in charge of the props tracking, and pre-setting all of the props in the correct location. This show was very prop heavy with a lot of moving pieces, so she had to ensure that every prop was in the right place at the right time. Morgan had to make thorough and organized paperwork for all of the tracking backstage. 

Props Preset List:

Prop Table Breakdown:

Deck Tracking:

Director: Tim Perrino

Scenic Designer: Brett Bowling
Costume Designers: June Hill and

Jesselee Whitson

Lighting Designer: Denny Reed

Production Photographer: Tammy Cassesa

Props Tracking:

Weapons Tracking:

Prop Check

In/Out Sheet:

Clue 9_edited.png
Clue 23_edited.png
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