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All Shook Up

For Northern Kentucky University's production of All Shook Up, Morgan was the On-Stage Sound Technician. She was in charge of putting together all of the cast mics, and making sure that they all placed them on their faces correctly to produce the best sound. Morgan was given a sheet of mic numbers (attached below) that corresponded to a specific cast member. From there, that was how the sound board operator knew which mics to turn on for each scene. Morgan also made sure that though-out the run of the show, if any of the mics were causing problems, she was in communication with the sound board operator to solve the issue, whether it was to change the battery, fix the placement, etc.

Director: Brian Robertson

Scenic Designer: Ron Shaw

Costume Designer: Daryl Harris

Lighting & Video Designer: Terry Powell

Production Photography: Philip Krinsky

Cast Mic Sheet:

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